All ward officers work together to deliver the programme of meetings, campaigns and activities. Most posts are open to people standing as a job share – the exceptions are secretary and treasurer. There is some training available from the Labour Party and at a local level, and in Islington North we hold meetings for Chairs, Secretaries and Ward Organisers to meet each other and discuss common issues.



  • Plan the agenda with the branch secretary for meetings
  •  Plan activities with the secretary and other officers
  •  Run branch meetings, keeping them to time and ensuring business is conducted properly
  •  Where needed represent the branch


  • Plan the agenda for branch meetings with the chair
  • Convene and send out branch meeting notices at least seven days before themeeting to all eligible members
  • Write up agendas and branch meeting minutes
  • Submit any resolutions, or other relevant business, from branch meetings to the constituency secretary
  • Work with the branch membership officer and ward organiser to ensure that members are kept up to date with activities happening in the ward


  • Oversee the finances of the branch
  • Maintain the branch bank account
  • Make payments and receive funds as necessary
  • Prepare year-end accounts and deliver them to the CLP treasurer
  • Inform the CLP treasurer about any donations received over £500

Ward Organiser

  • Organise and run canvass sessions – in person and by phone, as well as events such as street stalls
    • Contact members about when they are occurring
    • Collect all necessary materials
    • Print off contact sheets from contact creator
    • Enter data after the canvass session
  • Organise the distribution of leaflets for campaigns
  • In the run-up to an election
    • Create a plan for the ward
    • Organise elements of polling day including recruiting volunteers and creating timetable of the day’s activities
    • Prepare maps and other information for the committee room
    • Identify a committee room, appoint (can be the ward organiser) someone to manage the committee room on the day, ensure they are supported in this
  • Work with the ward membership officer to get new members involved in campaigning
  • Work with the ward secretary and ward membership officer to ensure that members in the ward are kept informed about what is happening

Membership officer

  • Work with the constituency membership officer to co-ordinate recruitment campaigns
  • Ensure maximum membership retention by contacting all lapsed members, and soon to be lapsed members about re-joining
  • Welcome new members, and members who have moved into the ward
  • Work with the branch secretary and ward organiser to ensure that members are kept up-to-date with what is happening in the ward

Political Education Officer

  • Encourage discussion and education as part of the branch activity
  • Organise discussions in the branch (normally as part of the branch meetings).
  • Take the lead in getting speakers at meetings while working closely with the branch chair and secretary.

Women’s Officer

  • Work with the constituency women’s officer to encourage women to get more involved with the party
  • Encourage women supporters into membership of the party
  • Publicise and support the activities of the women’s branch (previously the women’s forum)

Youth Officer

  • Recruit and retain young members
  • Keep young members active and informed of all activity
  • Represent and promote the views of all young members

BAME Officer

  • Making sure that BAME members are included in all of the party’s activities and that meetings are relevant and accessible to BAME members
  • Welcoming new BAME members to the branch
  • Working to engage BAME voters
  • Attend BAME forums
  • Represent and promote the views of all BAME members

Disabilities Officer

  • Making sure that disabled members are included in all of the party’s activities and that meetings are relevant and accessible to disabled members
  • Welcoming new disabled members to the branch
  • Bringing disabled members together to empower each other and ensure all members are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need get involved
  • Working closely with constituency and branch officers to ensure the concerns of the disabled community are reflected and included in policy debates

LGBTQ+ Officer

  • Making sure that LGBTQ + members are included in all of the party’s activities and that meetings are relevant and accessible to LGBTQ + members
  • Welcoming new LGBTQ + members to the branch
  • Working to engage LGBTQ + voters
  • Represent and promote the views of LGBTQ +members

Environment Officer

  • Ensuring that the Branch takes on board environmental issues
  • Engaging with the CLP Environment Officer
  • Encouraging action in support of environmental campaigns

Fundraising Officer

  • To raise funds for Ward and Labour Party activity, working with the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.


  • To liaise with the Treasurer to inspect the accounts and financial records and to ensure that funds are raised and spent appropriately

General Committee Delegates

  • To attend meetings of the General Meeting of Islington North Labour Party, which are held monthly
  • To represent the views of the ward at the General Meeting
  • To present motions on behalf of the Ward.

The General Meeting meets 10 times a year on the third Wednesday of each month. Delegates are expected to attend the majority of those meetings. They are also expected to attend the majority of their ward meetings, which meet 10 times a year on the first Wednesday of the month.

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